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Horror Art: Aldo Requena

Post-apocalyptic themes and bringing to life surreal and dark creatures against the creative norm, this artist is one to strike a chord in ones horror heart strings. When diving through Aldo Requena’s portfolio I couldn’t help but completely fall in love with the realistic aspect of all of his art. I haven’t seen any of his comic book art, but I know it must be fantastic. Here is a little bit more about Aldo from his bio:

I am a self-taught artist from Argentina with a focus in epic, sci-fi and horror artwork. My breakthrough came in 2005, producing the cover for the heavy metal band Paragon. In 2008, I created Hammerblaze.com, my design studio and artistic signature for developing projects in the heavy metal musical arena. I have produced art for bands and labels (Lost Horizon, Skiltron, Black Majesty, HolyHell, In-Defilade, Sonic Prophecy, Remedy Records, Vic Records and many more); illustrations for video games (‘Game of War’ and ‘Vain of Glory’); and developed concept art for the book depicting the life of Scottish folk hero William Wallace by author/fight director Seoras Wallace (‘Braveheart’, ‘Gladiator’ films). I am also part of the creative team of Kingdom, a comic book project with base in England and a creative associate for Flash-Back 2029. I’m also known for my involvement with the Swedish band Lost Horizon.

You can learn more about Aldo Requena from his website: http://www.aldorequena.com/



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