Inspiration Street Playlist On Spotify


Every week I’m making an effort to post about a new specific Spotify playlist that I’ve created with the goal of helping you in your creative journey. As an artist there’s no piece of work that I create without music. Music truly is the root of inspiration for me, and everyone needs a little inspiration here & there.

A couple weeks ago I featured our Skit Scat Sketch (Drawing Playlist).  A lot of masterpieces begin at the sketch pad and with so many art processes begining in the phase of drawing , I created a playlist to inspire that particular process. Sometimes though, it’s not direction we need, but inspiration.

This week I’m featuring our Inspiration Street (Creative Playlist) on Spotify.

At times we just a need a spark ignited from somewhere we least expect it and this playlist does just that. Don’t expect pure classical tunes but a variety of unique, ambient and even energetic tunes to get your mind turning with new ideas

Let me know your thoughts and please share some art that may have been inspired by this list! I would love to feature you & your work!

Here’s the list:

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August 2016 Art Theme: Fame

Yes FAME. David Bowie said it best. The word that seems to have taken over every aspect our lives. Personal conquests & aspirations, social media blowing about stupid Taylor Swift fluff stories that mean absolutely nothing and our corrupt politics becoming even more of a show rather than actual concrete experience. This word has really […]

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August Tea Time: Espresso Yourself

I think the title says it all. Does anyone else start singing Madonna in their head as soon as you read the title? Not only does the title fit the theme of FAME perfectly for this month, but it’s also spot on, on what this blog is essentially about- For you to have a safe […]

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Taylor Henry- Finished Edits

It has been one busy year. I really can’t say it enough. Every time I find myself trying to sit down to just write, a project seems to pop up and distract me. Last week while beaching in Marco Island, FL I set some essential time aside and FINALLY finished the photo edits of my […]

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Kayla’s Exposure

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a commercial for Iron Crow Tattoo in Williamstown, KY. Though I’m still recouping from the lack of sleep, the footage is enough to get a girl’s adrenaline going! It turned out great. I can’t wait to share the final product with you. Here’s a picture taken from […]

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July & August’s Charity: Blue Earth Alliance

This month’s charity goes to a cause that I feel very passionately about, which is focused around documentary photography. Without documentary film and photography their are so many stories out in the world that would be left untold. With so many who don’t have a voice these documentarians bring to light issues that our politicians […]

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July Tea Time: Electric Lemonade Tea

When you type in the word exposure on various sites you get a lot of timelapse photography. Whenever I see the night time traffic shots with held camera exposure and the beautiful lines of light one word that comes to mind is electric. In exploring this month’s theme of EXPOSURE for tea time I found not […]

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